Friday, June 27, 2008

Build day # 5 - No Pain, No Gain!

Some of you have asked... "Lisa. You say these lovely things about your experiences, but you don't talk about wanting to stop because you are hot, tired, sore...". Sure, I haven't focused on that too much but yes, we are all hot (it's in the 80s most of the day), tired (we wake up most mornings at 6 am- I don't even get up that early for work!), and sore (did you know there is a muscle between your thumb and pointer finger? Yeah, even that muscle hurts). But we only stop when we need food, bathroom or water. We really want to see that we have made a significant difference. Wait til you see the rest of the pictures! :)

We worked today from 7:30-12 and we had free time this afternoon. At work we finished walls #3 + 4. There are actually 6 walls as the house is typical adobe style - a section juts out forming the additional walls. Again, Roger asked me to partner up with him to assist. He either has a crush on me or he really digs my mudding technique. ;). Once again new muscles are hurting. This job has shown me how lazy I've been at home on my free time and has inspired me to spend more time outside being active.... Because I can!

The remainder of the day we picked up our tickets to the solar music festival... A three day mini- woodstock-esque festival with booths selling t-shirts and handing out info about how to be more environmentaly aware (interesting as this community does not recycle plastic, only glass and metal). Each day there are bands playing (the BoDeans, Susan Tedeschi, Collective Soul are the headliners plus lots of smaller and local bands). Looking forward to that!!

We went to the Pueblo again for shopping and photos. Each shop typically had one pueblo indian running it and they sold their crafts (pottery, including horsehair pots and hand made jewelry) and little statues called "fetish" which at first scared me off because of the name (a little weird to walk into a store called New Mexico Fetish), but we found out that fetish are objects that are believed to have magical powers. Typically they are small handcarved pieces of wood or stone in the shapes of various animals (the Indians are very into earth, fire, sky, mother nature, etc). So learned at least one new thing today. We got some great shots of the Pueblo and tried blue corn fry cakes (basically funnel cake but they are just patties of dough placed into oil). Yum!!

We also bought some home made bread made in clay ovens on the Pueblo. We will have that at lunch tomorrow.

For dinner we had New Mexican food at Orlando's which was amazing...the main difference I see between new mexican and mexican food is that in new mexico they use red and green chile sauce on everything. Otherwise its a lot of the same stuff - enchiladas, tacos, etc. We had the most amazing dessert - chilled avocado pie... Sounds so weird but it did have avocado and a lot of lime juice in it and the consistency of ice cream and a taste similar to key lime pie but better.


Before bed a few of us hung out at the pool and talked about our day. I feel like we have known each other forever and have no doubt that I will see many of these women again.Tomorrow we have our last build day. Parting with the house will be hard!

Thanks for reading and have a great night!

With love,

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