Saturday, June 21, 2008

First meet with fellow HFHers

So I checked out of my hyatt place hotel and into the Plaza Inn. Very basic but clean. We all met around 1:30 and a group of us (6 of the 12) went to Old Town Alb. Very cool part of town with lots of tourist shops.

I met: Peggy - early 40s, fun mom of 3 who happens to live in Westboro, MA (my roommate from college - Becky's town)! And her husband works at Millennium pharma in Cambridge (my former employer)! Small world...

Mel (short for Melissa): 16 yo daughter of Peggy. Very smart, inquisitive young woman.

Stephanie - my "roommate" - 25 yo grad student who grew up and lives in Cleveland. Very fun, she's going to be easy to live with. In school for social work.

Deb - 50 yo social worker. Nice, originally from LA lives in sacramento now - great laugh.

Carol - 50ish nurse - bff with Deb (they are celebrating their 50th bdays together and have known each other since High School!. She arrived late so I don't know her well yet.

Serena - 53 yo (but looks 43). New yawka from bklyn. Funny character- very honest... Will have some fun stories about her I am sure.

Aimee and Laura - 2nd mother/daughter team (45/17 yo). Aimee is a single mom and yoga instructor, daughter is a high school student and figure skater. Aimee and I have shared some stories. :)

Mary - quiet, nice lady - don't know much about her yet but I am sure she will open up. She works for the nature conservatory and lives in wisconsin.

Sharon - newly retired teacher looking to start a non-profit related to education. Has two adult adopted children (from korea and vietnam) who are now married with their own families. Has strong political opinions!

Betsy - team leader, teacher, pays for habitat trips on her british airways visa card so she now has 5 r/t tickets to europe (!). Is close friends with Sharon and Aimee. Seems like a completely organized woman - going to be a fun team!!

Tomorrow we drive to santa fe and Taos with stops at galleries and other fun places along the way. Fun!!

More soon!

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