Monday, June 23, 2008

"Habitat" - the reality show

My friend Tess gave me a great idea if this whole merger with JLL thing doesn't work out... (Just kidding Staubach friends - I'm not going anywhere!!) But I digress...

The gang is very cool! Stephanie is definitely my partner in crime. The rest of the team is older or younger and we are constantly laughing at all the shenanigans together!

Things I am happy about:
1) That I wasn't in van #1... With the two people who ended up getting altitude sickness. :( and that our van has a really great group of funny people in it!
2). That Stef and I got a room with 2 double beds instead of one double and 1 cot that collapses like serena and mary got.
3). That my blackberry gps works 80-90% of the time and has helped us get out of some strange areas where we got lost!
4). That there is a big newfoundland named Bear living at the lodge...

Oh - so the lodge we are staying at is so great-its in the middle of nowhere -there is an awesome sky filled with stars at night and there is a pool, hot tub, hot breakfast most mornings... We are very lucky as most habitat groups do not have accomodations like this. We are heading out to the site for the first time shortly and we will be 2 people short as mom/daughter team peggy and mel are still sick. Laura is playing Blackbird on the lodge's guitar. All is good. I'll send another update soon!


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