Sunday, July 13, 2008

Creative Outlet

I was recently asked about my creative outlets - what I like to do to release all the work day stuff. I realized that I hadn't posted here on the blog in a couple of weeks and I really missed it! So this is one outlet that I am going to keep - it gives me a mental buzz, makes me feel good and has lots of anti-oxidants. :)

Music is another creative outlet for me - whether singing in the car, occasionally picking up my guitar and blowing off the dust to play the few chords that I know or tapping my desk with two pens. I want more! I think I'm going to start taking a hand drumming class in Sherman Oaks... it really seems like something I need to do! I've always had a fascination with drums - going way back to when I was a kid and I had a chance to play Max Weinberg's drums in NJ. But even last night just watching Blair Sinta play on stage at Hotel Cafe with Pedestrian made me want to start tapping. Also, I spent some time down at Venice Beach recently and those drumming circles that form down there really have amazing rhythm.

So, maybe by putting this out there for all to see will force me to stick to my word. Universal Drumming here I come!

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