Monday, September 1, 2008

Balancing act

So... drumming every week beginning August 6 didn't happen. Again, work, life etc got to be a little too much. Mostly work. I've been putting in more hours, leaving less time for "life". I started thinking, summer's almost over. Days are getting shorter. When will I exercise? [Because surely the 24 Hour Fitness membership card is not going to drag my ass to the gym on its own.]

I found a personal trainer! Her name is Erika and she's doing the job that my membership card is not. She is standing over me while I sweat and is pushing me way harder than I do myself. I've only been to her twice but I already feel a difference in my muscles (at first mostly a dull ache but now its more like a stronger me. )

Had I not caught a nasty stomach flu which lasted through this Labor Day weekend, I would have attended her bootcamp on Sat morning. I plan on doing it this weekend for sure. I hope to be bikini ready by Christmas (which I am spending in NY... hmm... will have to figure out a way to model one while opening presents).

I've also begun searching for a charitable organization to volunteer my time with. I did the Habitat for Humanity build (see former posts) in June, but I need some regular "do good" time so I can feel that I am giving back to my community.

I came across an ad for the Peacock Foundation's "Spread the News" Wine Tasting event being held this Saturday (9/6). At first I wanted to go and taste! Then I realized that they need volunteers to help for set up and break down. Of course I have time on the weekend to help with this (and maybe they will thank me with a taste or two. )

I began searching the Peackock Foundation's website and became intrigued! This organization pairs children who have been through some sort of trauma with animals! Please see their well done PSA for a look into the organization and all the amazing work they do.

I look forward to working the event this weekend and hopefully offering my time with them in the future.

I'm really enjoying learning about myself as I push my body to the fullest while working with my trainer and also as I volunteer with a new organization that needs me.

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